Business Name and Logo Design

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Business name and logo

 Why is important for my business to have a LOGO?

When starting a new business, it can be difficult to manage the aspect of ‘Branding’ your offered products or services.

A good and unique logo is the first step to achieve brand recognition.

When people said BMW, people remember it’s emblem, without being forced to. It is a silent sales force for the company.

But of course you must have a good logo to achieve that. Even for small company, it is important that you have a great logo.

You can…


You will need to state the following information:

State the practical side of your business – your unique selling point

  1. Who are your competitors? Local, national, international
  2. Do you sell economical solutions? IS your product high quality in relation to the rest of the market?
  3. How strong is your competition in relation to your competit
  1. Advertising in magazines, newspapers, leaflets, shop or internet only…?
  2. Will you eventually need the logo printed on the side of a pen, or on to T-shirts to use as a work wear promotional item?
  3. Will it be printed on the company’s vehicles or large scale outdoors?

Drop us a mail via specifying your requirements for your business or shop.

In regards to your signage… We can work to a budget, as long as your outline your requirements. We can quote you for free.

You may select a font you like, which you can find from www.dafont,com or or alternatively, give us a link to your website, and we will design something that will match your website design.